Includes 22 Longevity Program Videos, 8 Masterclass Videos, Longevity Tinctures Pack, 1 Stamina Shot, Tachyon device, Collagen Boost, Workbook, Ebook, TruMe DNA test & More.


Gain the Knowledge to Maximize your Lifespan in our 8 Video Course on Tony Robbin’s This Course includes our Unconditionally Giving Ebook.


Includes Immortalité, Vitalité, and Probiotique Formulas to Activate & Release Stem Cells for Regeneration and Lengthen Telomeres. 3 oz lasts 3 Months.
– Organic –


This 1/2 oz bottle combines (V)italité, (I)mmortalité, and (P)robiotique into one Tincture. The 15 day supply is perfect for travel or testing out.
– Organic –


Discover Lifeforce in 80+ Pages of Age Defying Recipes from our Longevity Food Spectrum. Includes Plant based, Fermented, Raw, and Sprouted recipes.
– Digital PDF Format –


3 Pack of 1oz Stamina Shots to Powerfully Boost Athletic Performance & Libido when You Need it. Our Proprietary Blend is non-stimulating with no crash.
– Organic –


2oz of Sun Dried Atlantic Black Irish Moss becomes 16 oz of Collagen gel for your skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints.  Includes Video.
– Organic –


Transformative Longevity Program

Implement the Secrets that are adding 20 – 30 Years of Life in Blue Zone Areas! You will Discover –

  • How the Body’s Regeneration System Works and How to Activate it
  • Harness the Power of our Proprietary Tools to Accelerate this Regeneration
  • Effective Techniques to Keep your Body and Emotions on the Road when your Energy is moving 300mph
  • How to Eat for Longevity – the Blue Zone Centenarian Secrets to Keep this Process Going!

“Beyond Anything Else on the Market”
– Chelsea Hardin

Former Miss Hawaii USA
& Miss USA Runner Up

Step into New Territory

Do more. Be there more. Live your greatest life. 
Health is the true wealth. It is your most prized asset.
Activate and mobilize your body’s stem cells to experience true anti-aging,
regeneration, and live long and happy lives!


Support and Balance the Body with Organic Adaptogens as Cells Rebuild


Focus the Power of 16 Organic Jing Herbs to Activate and Mobilize Stem Cells


Billions of Enzymes to Mimic the Benefits of Organic Blue Zone Foods


A Proprietary Non-stimulating Blend of 9 Organic herbs to Boost Energy Levels

Fundamental Secrets to Longevity

In our Masterclass, which has been broken up into 8 sections, we’re going to dive deep. By the end of it, you’ll understand your body at a level you never knew possible.

Blue Zones

Research reveals a common thread running between 5 areas of the world where people thrive past 100 years.


Learn about Digestive and Metabolic Enzymes and how to maximize their use in the body as we age.


You are no longer a victim of your genes.  Genes switch on and off depending on your environment.

Protect DNA

Protect your “Code of Life” and extend your telomeres as they shorten over time.

DNA Methylation Test

Measure Your Progress!

Our Transformative Longevity Program includes a DNA truAge saliva test from our partner TruMe Labs so you can chart your age defying progress! The week long program is yours and can be repeated as many times as you like. The longevity program effects are cumulative – so your results just keep getting better!

Give yourself the Gift!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The first day my brain fog was gone. I really just prayed to God about my direction and I am just so happy that I gave this product a chance. I tried it for 3 months and I haven’t felt as good in a long time. A sidenote, I lost 12 lbs and have been maintaining.

Juanita B.

I’ve never seen products like these. I have been taking them for over a year now and I am absolutely not going to stop. I am consistently feeling stronger, looking better and able to do more.

Cris B.

For the last couple of years, I have changed my diet more in the direction of “lifeforce” foods as described in Immortalite’s class. Coupling my diet with Immortalite products, I definitely feel younger than my 70 years.

Madana S.

Frequently asked questions

Are these products Organic?

We use the highest possible quality ingredients available. In the majority of cases, this means we are using organic certified ingredients. Some of our herbs are sourced from remote mountains in China however, and their standards are different. In those cases, we source wild harvested ingredients. Our products are pesticide free, chemical free, and respectful of all life.

What items come with the Transformative Longevity Program

The Transformative Longevity Program includes 22 Longevity Videos for a Guided 1 Week Program, 8 Masterclass Videos, our Longevity Tinctures Kit (Immortalité, Vitalité, and Probiotique), a Tachyon device for restructing your body, 1 shot of Stamina formula, our Unconditionally Giving Foods Ebook with 100 pages of recipes and knowledge, our Longevity Program Workbook with schedules, charts and specific recipes, a Collagen boost from Irish Moss seaweed, a disposable enema bag, 2 hooks, a muslin bag, a Juice program with a Ready Made Amazon Grocery List for convenience, a Guided Breathing exercise, and a TruMe Labs DNA TruAge test to measure your progress!

What is the dosage for the tinctures?

Our tinctures come with a short video going into more detail. Essentially, the dosage is 5 drops a day per tincture. So, that is 5 drops of Immortalité, 5 drops of Vitalité, and 5 drops of Probiotique for a total of 15 drops per day. 

We have had reports of people feeling fantastic on 15 drops with an abundance of energy, and other people wanting to take naps. Regeneration takes place when the body is resting. So, if you feel tired during the day, just know the body is doing deep regenerative work and needs to rest. Eventually, as this work completes you will no longer be tired. If you would rather stay alert for the entire day then just cut back on the number of drops, perhaps 3 drops a day, and find your sweet spot. Balance is key. Do not exceed 15 drops per day. Our 1oz stamina shots can be drank in their entirety.

Those on the Transformative Longevity Program will be able to do up to 40 drops a day of Immortalite, plus 10 drops of Vitalite and 5 drops of Probiotique for a total of 55 drops a day. There are specific guidelines to follow which are outlined in videos to stay safe when taking this many drops.

How long does it take to create your fomulas? What does Synergistic mean?

Each tincture takes 45 days to create.  Our process is synergistic.  This means that the final product is more than the sum of the individual parts / herbs.  Our 45 day process creates an entirely new “thing” that is dynamic, exponentially stronger and alive.  One cannot simply buy each individual component and recreate this product.  In fact, if you’ve taken the course, you will know the herbs/ingredients are the least important factor to our products.  By law we must list them in case someone is severely allergic.

What is in the Longevity Masterclass?

Our tinctures are different than traditional herbal tinctures, pills or powdered supplements in that they are alive and programmed with frequencies. They are so far beyond their herbal ingredients. We created the Longevity Masterclass to fully explain a new paradigm to you as the fundamental knowledge in this Masterclass will change the way you look at everything. This way you can understand and get the most out of your body and these products. For this reason, we have included recipes, blue zone secrets, as well as research studies demonstrating why some animals like the greenland shark can live over 500 years. The Masterclass is available on  You may order the products later with a discount included in the masterclass.  Here is the direct link to the Longevity Masterclass –

Is the Stamina shot for men or women?

Our Stamina shots were originally designed for athletes and people needing a boost when tired.  That being said, one of the ingredients in the Stamina shot is the adaptogenic root Maca.  Maca increases vitality, energy, and prevents fatigue.  In men, Maca can also help boost libido or sexual desires.  In women, we have received reports that it eased their fatigue during menstruation and helped balance hormones.

How does the single VIP tincture compare to the 3 Pack?

Our single 1/2 oz VIP formula combines all 3 tinctures – (V)italité, (I)mmortalité and (P)robiotique into a single tincture. It is a smaller 15 day supply designed for travel.  In comparison, the larger Immortalité Tincture 3 Pack is a 3+ month supply.

About Us

We’re leading the charge to lengthen your lifespan.

Chelsea Hardin

Fitness & Wellness Coach & Former Miss Hawaii USA and Miss USA Runner Up

Kory Martin Juul

Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

Immortalité is a Hawai’i based longevity company. We believe that regeneration is the key to longevity and our products and programs allow people to activate the regenerative process within their own bodies. We empower the kidneys to signal the bone marrow to release stem cells, and stem cells are wonder cells which can rejuvenate the body. We also focus on protecting the DNA, incorporating Nobel Prize winning research on telomeres, to ensure continued healthy reproduction of cells over the years.

Our research team is made up of regenerative farmers here in Hawai’i who have put their knowledge of regenerating plants into regenerating the human body. Kory Martin Juul, an entrepreneur and filmmaker accidentally created the foundation for this company when he dislocated his elbow and completely tore ligaments and tendons. After regenerating his elbow back into perfect shape, something which is currently not possible by modern standards, he teamed up with these farmers to continue regenerating the rest of the body.

Chelsea Hardin, a wellness coach and athlete, and former Miss Hawai’i & Miss USA runner up, is a part of our longevity masterclass series, and will be heading Immortalités upcoming line of beauty products.

For more on the origin of Immortalité and Regeneration of the body, enjoy this Podcast!

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